Modular Building For Parks and Recreations

Published: January 20, 2022

Parks and public spaces are much more than what they used to be a decade ago, it´s not just an open space with swings and a playground for entertaining the children anymore. The current demand of the public is to have different uses for the same space and developing the right place to be able to meet those needs is exactly the current challenge that many cities face today.

Sports and recreational facilities have a very important element in today´s society, having a place that fits the community will help develop values such as discipline, resilience, responsibility, and team building for people of all ages.

Having safe spaces that work for everybody could be the key factor that defines the future of a whole community, that is why it´s so important to think thoroughly “What is the best type of building for a park or a recreational area?”

In the following article, we will talk about modular buildings that can be multiuse for parks and recreational spaces. Imagine being able to add and adapt any space to your original plan, say you start with user-friendly bathrooms, that later on will need some changing rooms, then a storage area, then an office, or even a small snack area, now imagine that you can add all of this without losing money in modifying your original building, and being able to build it fast and off and just have the installation done quickly as to not disturb the users of said space.

These are just some of the many advantages that using modular buildings can have, modular buildings are more durable, faster, cheaper, and flexible than any other material out there, and the best part is that you can plan all the spaces a building will have to meet the wants and need of the community since day one, this will help to have great continuity and make better use of the resources at hand for years to come.

Now that we have covered the vision of the space, and the possibility of adapting public buildings for generations, let´s talk about the present, most specifically building time. For starters, the steps to construct a modular building are not as extensive and/or time-consuming compared to the traditional buildings, therefore modular buildings can be great even for indoor facilities. While a traditional building the size of an average house will take from 9 to 12 months to build, a modular building of the same size will take from 3 to 4 months, which means that depending on the design and other factors like the permits modular buildings can be ready twice as fast as a traditional building, which is an incredible advantage when you need something done in a public space.

And speaking of public space, if you are dealing with a situation in which the space is already being used or is the weather conditions are not the best to build on-site, modular buildings can be almost completely built off-site and then just simply be shipped anywhere across the nation and then be installed in an average of 1 to 4 weeks. Off-site construction also eliminates all problems related to construction site liability, damage, or theft of construction materials, you can leave all your worries behind knowing that your building is being constructed in a close and secure place.

Last but not least, the materials used to construct modular buildings will allow your facilities to last anywhere between 35 years to…quite honestly centuries, depending on the care given, since the main materials used are steel and concrete, modular buildings are much cheaper to repair maintain than traditional buildings made of wood, they are completely customizable, and they are better protected against the bad weather and pests. Another big advantage of using steel is that since it´s much lighter than the other traditional construction materials, it´s possible to use less of a foundation to construct.

We know there is a lot to think of when it comes to designing the perfect building for your community’s park or sports area, especially when you are thinking on a long-term project but have no doubt that it’s worth it and we are here to help on this important task.

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