Commercial Modular Construction

We excel in high-quality commercial modular construction, using steel, concrete, and innovative technology for a site-built look.

Modular VS Conventional Construction

Modular Construction is a process in which buildings are constructed off-site, under controlled pant conditions.

Commercial Modular Construction | Avon Modular
Commercial Modular Construction | Avon Modular
Butler Steel Building | Avon Modular

Commercial Permanent Modular Buildings & Modular Construction Manufacturing

Avon Modular leads in commercial permanent modular construction, offering a comprehensive prefab manufacturing experience for steel building solutions. Additionally, we’re Certified General Contractors (CGC 1521397) and Modular Building Manufacturer (MAF 9144), deeply understanding construction to achieve client goals.

Pioneering Innovation

Ultimately at Avon Modular, we’re transforming construction from portable units to component construction. Moreover, our modular manufacturing method reduces costs by slashing construction time and allowing concurrent site development. Accordingly, this applies to traditional, prefab, and modular building construction, helping clients capitalize on early completion.

Versatile Building Solutions

Consequently with 20+ years’ experience, we specialize in various commercial applications. Therefore, our buildings, made of wood, steel, or concrete, meet state and latest building code requirements (FBC or IBC). Therefore, we emphasize wood and steel construction, exceeding site-built structures. Consequently Avon Modular excels in high-quality, steel, and concrete-based modular buildings, blending prefabs with site-built aesthetics.

Speed, Quality, Excellence

In addition for modular labs, medical facilities, dormitories, and more, our innovative, hybrid prefab buildings offer aesthetic appeal. As a result we guide you from engineering to occupancy, ensuring excellence.

Leading the Modular Revolution

In conclusion, our prefab method is reshaping construction. Discover why Avon Modular is the industry leader today.Contact us!